Toni copenhagen

When the oldest faucet retailer in Denmark, got a new look

Shopify B2B · Design · 2020 at Grafikr A/S

Designing for businesses, but with the consumers in mind, creating a place for inspiration

Toni Copenhagen is the oldest faucet company in Denmark, dating back to 1918. In 2020 they had a minor rebranding, changing their name from Toni, to Toni Copenhagen. As a part of the rebranding, the plan was to get a new website, containing a shopping element, for their business clients.

The new site was not just going to be a B2B webshop, but also a place for seeking inspiration, from all their B2C clients, shopping through their retailers.

Giving the brand a new life while using the history, as an advantage

Using the full potential, of lifestyle imagery, for the Rolls Royce of faucets

When Toni Copenhagen first contacted Grafikr, they wanted to create a place for all their consumers, to seek inspiration. We obtained this by using lifestyle images for everything, except product images.

Because of Toni Copenhagen being a high-end retailer, they had a lot of interior images that were already posted on Instagram. Therefore we encouraged them to make use of these images throughout the shop.

Adding an extra layer of excitement for the clients, making it easier to place bulk orders

Even though Toni Copenhagen had existed for 92 years, they never had a B2B online store. As this was about to change, I decided to create an extra page, for creating bulk orders. This would allow the customers to place orders on all products of the store, without having to visit every single product page.

This was a huge gamechanger, as the flow, expected by the client, was to create a regular webshop, containing product pages for each and every product.