Bare En T-shirt

A simplistic look, for an up and coming T-Shirt brand

Shopify · Design & Development · 2019 at Grafikr A/S

Your new favourite t-shirt pusher

In 2019 we were contacted by Bare En T-shirt, that wanted to take their Shopify e-commerce site, to the next level. The brand had up to this point, been using a homemade Shopify shop, and were therefor very familiar with the system.

Bare En T-Shirt is a brand focusing on only selling black and white plain t-shirts. And that’s also why, their name is translated to – Just a T-Shirt.

Simplicity was a huge focus, keeping in mind that they only had 3 products

Pushing the Shopify boundaries, by developing a custom quantity-based discount, without the use of applications

On the Shopify app-store there is a lot of apps, making it possible to create a quantity-based discount, but equal for all of them is, that they use the discount-field in the checkout, to manage the overall discount. This was for Bare En T-shirt a dealbreaker, as they still wanted to let the users, utilise the discount field, enabling them to get even more discount.

The overall functionality was created using multiple variants, and by keep checking up on the cart, whenever it’s changed. If Bare En T-shirt had been on the Shopify Plus subscription, this would’ve been possible, with the use of Shopify Scripts.